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Acclaim Global Education India Pvt. Ltd.

We, the Acclaim Global team, working in concert with Star Tech Group (USA) are committed to delivering a true “system transformational” experience to communities in India. “Experiential Learning” for students is a reverse-engineered model in which student’s “intrinsic career interest” establishes the “interest” & strengthens the “curiosity” to learn career related subjects creating “engagement” of the student in their studies. Career interest with education skills leads to exploring entrepreneurial capabilities of the student in addition to establishing student’s ability to manage their health to provide a full spectrum of capabilities for each student based on maximizing individual capabilities in a 21st Century environment.

ACCESS program is based on our research that every student, to a varying degree, has this amazing capability to overcome his/her social, economic and environmental limitations to succeed. Critical factors include access to learning environment, individual skill identification and strengthening the four dimensions around the student.

First Dimension: Strengthen the learning abilities of the students and effectiveness of the teachers in the “Education domain”.

Done by the “ACCESS Education” program with high quality of USA teachers supported by teachers of Indian origin to strengthen student’s “foundations in critical and analytical thinking strategies”. Outcome is to strengthen the ‘student’s learning abilities’.

Second Dimension: Strengthen the jobs & career capabilities of the students in the “Career Domain”.

Done by the “ACCESS Career” program, engaging student with mentors and connecting to local, regional and national career opportunities via internships, externships and shadowing. Outcome is to identify a student’s inherent interest, designed to strengthen “dreams can come true” confidence in each student.

Third Dimension: Strengthen entrepreneur capabilities of the students in the “Entrepreneur Domain”.

Done by the “ACCESS Incubator” program, engaging and involving students in digital Incubators to provide true experiential learning to strengthen student’s entrepreneurial abilities.

Fourth Dimension: Strengthen health of the student and related family members in the “Health Domain”.

Done by the “ACCESS Health” program, engaging and involving students in their family health indicator education and management in a high quality preventive care environment.

Our Mission

Strengthen individuals & institutions facilitating best in class education, health & careers, worldwide!

Our Vision

Acclaim ecosystem makes it easy for families access to world-class education, healthcare & careers

Our Inspiration

Rabindranath Tagore's "Where the mind is without fear & William Ernest Henley's "Invictus".

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